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Law Enforcement Dog

Image Courtesy of Thomas Hayes

Boo and Tom: Partners in Fighting Crime

Boo is always there for you

As a retired Narcotics Detection dog in Colorado, Boo followed her instinct throughout her career. The now 12-year-old Golden Retriever is responsible for recovering a total of some $5.2 million dollars in cash and has uncovered countless amounts of illegal substances during her search duties. On one patrol stop, she searched around a suspect’s car and found a duffle bag stuffed with $100,000 of drug money.

After a 40-year-career in law enforcement, Boo’s former handler and adoptive dad Tom stated Boo had quite the reputation among law enforcement for her skill set. “Drug dogs search for the odor of narcotics. When that scent transfers to cash, it is detectable to them. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado would always joke about it – any time they had a cash seizure, the question was: ‘Have you run this one by Boo?’ ”

Boo was a rescue dog that started training for law enforcement search-and-seizure in 2008, when she was about a year old. She worked with a local K-9 trainer and “hit the ground running”, according to Tom, who saw her potential early on.

Working with Mobile Enforcement Teams for both the Colorado and Wyoming State Police Patrols, Boo and Tom were inseparable, working days and nights of criminal surveillance. More than just a dog, Boo was his partner and is still always there for him.

What’s on Boo’s case load these days? Chasing lots of tennis balls—and continuing to keep busy. She’s a Certified Therapy Dog and accompanies Tom to the local hospitals, bringing a smile to all she comforts.

“Although she can’t jump the way she used to, she gets re-certified each year to continue working in the hospital. And she pulls so hard on her harness when we “work” now—she’s excited to go!”, said Tom.

Boo’s veterinarian prescribed RIMADYL® (carprofen) for pain when Boo was recovering from an injury recently. According to Tom, “Her recovery was almost overnight because of RIMADYL. One day she could barely walk and after taking RIMADYL her health vastly improved the very next day. It was like the injury never happened.”

Living a healthy life is the priority for Boo. Tom would love to see her live out her days being as active as possible. “The K-9 Courage Program is truly a blessing and will help me provide for Boo’s care. I haven’t used our award funds yet, but know it’s there when needed,” he said. “Thank you, Zoetis Petcare!”


IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: As a class, NSAIDS may be associated with gastrointestinal, kidney and liver side effects. These are usually mild, but may be serious. Pet owners should discontinue therapy and contact their veterinarian immediately if side effects occur. Evaluation for preexisting conditions and regular monitoring are recommended for pets on any medication, including RIMADYL. Use with other NSAIDS or corticosteroids should be avoided. See full Prescribing Information.



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